我即将完成 i3 MK2 克隆的构建,并且遇到了 Z 轴电机的问题。具体来说,Z 轴将向下移动(并触发限位器)但如果我尝试向上移动它只会发出快速的噪音。

M119显示所有限位器打开。最小软件停止当前被禁用,因为我尝试设置打印机。使用 Marlin 1.1.3 和 RAMPS 1.4。两个电机都在转动,我什至解开了整个 X 轴托架。

附加测试:反转 z 轴电机线,它们只会上升。在软件中反转电机方向,它们也只会上升。



 //=========================================================================== //============================== Endstop Settings =========================== //=========================================================================== // @section homing // Specify here all the endstop connectors that are connected to any endstop or probe. // Almost all printers will be using one per axis. Probes will use one or more of the // extra connectors. Leave undefined any used for non-endstop and non-probe purposes. #define USE_XMIN_PLUG #define USE_YMIN_PLUG #define USE_ZMIN_PLUG //#define USE_XMAX_PLUG //#define USE_YMAX_PLUG //#define USE_ZMAX_PLUG // coarse Endstop Settings //#define ENDSTOPPULLUPS // Comment this out (using // at the start of the line) to disable the endstop pullup resistors #if DISABLED(ENDSTOPPULLUPS) // fine endstop settings: Individual pullups. will be ignored if ENDSTOPPULLUPS is defined //#define ENDSTOPPULLUP_XMAX //#define ENDSTOPPULLUP_YMAX //#define ENDSTOPPULLUP_ZMAX //#define ENDSTOPPULLUP_XMIN //#define ENDSTOPPULLUP_YMIN //#define ENDSTOPPULLUP_ZMIN //#define ENDSTOPPULLUP_ZMIN_PROBE #endif // Mechanical endstop with COM to ground and NC to Signal uses "false" here (most common setup). #define X_MIN_ENDSTOP_INVERTING true // set to true to invert the logic of the endstop. #define Y_MIN_ENDSTOP_INVERTING true // set to true to invert the logic of the endstop. #define Z_MIN_ENDSTOP_INVERTING true // set to true to invert the logic of the endstop. #define X_MAX_ENDSTOP_INVERTING false // set to true to invert the logic of the endstop. #define Y_MAX_ENDSTOP_INVERTING false // set to true to invert the logic of the endstop. #define Z_MAX_ENDSTOP_INVERTING false // set to true to invert the logic of the endstop. #define Z_MIN_PROBE_ENDSTOP_INVERTING true // set to true to invert the logic of the probe. // Enable this feature if all enabled endstop pins are interrupt-capable. // This will remove the need to poll the interrupt pins, saving many CPU cycles. //#define ENDSTOP_INTERRUPTS_FEATURE //============================================================================= //============================== Movement Settings ============================ //============================================================================= // @section motion /** * Default Settings * * These settings can be reset by M502 * * Note that if EEPROM is enabled, saved values will override these. */ /** * With this option each E stepper can have its own factors for the * following movement settings. If fewer factors are given than the * total number of extruders, the last value applies to the rest. */ //#define DISTINCT_E_FACTORS /** * Default Axis Steps Per Unit (steps/mm) * Override with M92 * X, Y, Z, E0 [, E1[, E2[, E3[, E4]]]] */ #define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT { 100, 100, 4000, 120 } /** * Default Max Feed Rate (mm/s) * Override with M203 * X, Y, Z, E0 [, E1[, E2[, E3[, E4]]]] */ #define DEFAULT_MAX_FEEDRATE { 200, 200, 3, 25 } /** * Default Max Acceleration (change/s) change = mm/s * (Maximum start speed for accelerated moves) * Override with M201 * X, Y, Z, E0 [, E1[, E2[, E3[, E4]]]] */ #define DEFAULT_MAX_ACCELERATION { 3000, 3000, 100, 10000 } /** * Default Acceleration (change/s) change = mm/s * Override with M204 * * M204 P Acceleration * M204 R Retract Acceleration * M204 T Travel Acceleration */ #define DEFAULT_ACCELERATION 3000 // X, Y, Z and E acceleration for printing moves #define DEFAULT_RETRACT_ACCELERATION 3000 // E acceleration for retracts #define DEFAULT_TRAVEL_ACCELERATION 3000 // X, Y, Z acceleration for travel (non printing) moves /** * Default Jerk (mm/s) * Override with M205 XYZ E * * "Jerk" specifies the minimum speed change that requires acceleration. * When changing speed and direction, if the difference is less than the * value set here, it may happen instantaneously. */ #define DEFAULT_XJERK 10.0 #define DEFAULT_YJERK 10.0 #define DEFAULT_ZJERK 0.4 #define DEFAULT_EJERK 2.0 //=========================================================================== //============================= Z Probe Options ============================= //=========================================================================== // @section probes // // See // /** * Z_MIN_PROBE_USES_Z_MIN_ENDSTOP_PIN * * Enable this option for a probe connected to the Z Min endstop pin. */ #define Z_MIN_PROBE_USES_Z_MIN_ENDSTOP_PIN /** * Z_MIN_PROBE_ENDSTOP * * Enable this option for a probe connected to any pin except Z-Min. * (By default Marlin assumes the Z-Max endstop pin.) * To use a custom Z Probe pin, set Z_MIN_PROBE_PIN below. * * - The simplest option is to use a free endstop connector. * - Use 5V for powered (usually inductive) sensors. * * - RAMPS 1.3/1.4 boards may use the 5V, GND, and Aux4->D32 pin: * - For simple switches connect... * - normally-closed switches to GND and D32. * - normally-open switches to 5V and D32. * * WARNING: Setting the wrong pin may have unexpected and potentially * disastrous consequences. Use with caution and do your homework. * */ //#define Z_MIN_PROBE_ENDSTOP //#define Z_MIN_PROBE_PIN Z_MAX_PIN /** * Probe Type * * Allen Key Probes, Servo Probes, Z-Sled Probes, FIX_MOUNTED_PROBE, etc. * You must activate one of these to use Auto Bed Leveling below. */ /** * The "Manual Probe" provides a means to do "Auto" Bed Leveling without a probe. * Use G29 repeatedly, adjusting the Z height at each point with movement commands * or (with LCD_BED_LEVELING) the LCD controller. */ //#define PROBE_MANUALLY /** * A Fix-Mounted Probe either doesn't deploy or needs manual deployment. * (eg, an inductive probe or a nozzle-based probe-switch.) */ #define FIX_MOUNTED_PROBE /** * Z Servo Probe, such as an endstop switch on a rotating arm. */ //#define Z_ENDSTOP_SERVO_NR 0 // Defaults to SERVO 0 connector. //#define Z_SERVO_ANGLES {70,0} // Z Servo Deploy and Stow angles /** * The BLTouch probe uses a Hall effect sensor and emulates a servo. */ //#define BLTOUCH #if ENABLED(BLTOUCH) //#define BLTOUCH_DELAY 375 // (ms) Enable and increase if needed #endif /** * Enable if probing seems unreliable. Heaters and/or fans - consistent with the * options selected below - will be disabled during probing so as to minimize * potential EM interference by quieting/silencing the source of the 'noise' (the change * in current flowing through the wires). This is likely most useful to users of the * BLTouch probe, but may also help those with inductive or other probe types. */ //#define PROBING_HEATERS_OFF // Turn heaters off when probing //#define PROBING_FANS_OFF // Turn fans off when probing // A probe that is deployed and stowed with a solenoid pin (SOL1_PIN) //#define SOLENOID_PROBE // A sled-mounted probe like those designed by Charles Bell. //#define Z_PROBE_SLED //#define SLED_DOCKING_OFFSET 5 // The extra distance the X axis must travel to pickup the sled. 0 should be fine but you can push it further if you'd like. // // For Z_PROBE_ALLEN_KEY see the Delta example configurations. // /** * Z Probe to nozzle (X,Y) offset, relative to (0, 0). * X and Y offsets must be integers. * * In the following example the X and Y offsets are both positive: * #define X_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER 10 * #define Y_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER 10 * * +-- BACK ---+ * | | * L | (+) P | R <-- probe (20,20) * E | | I * F | (-) N (+) | G <-- nozzle (10,10) * T | | H * | (-) | T * | | * O-- FRONT --+ * (0,0) */ #define X_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER 22 // X offset: -left +right [of the nozzle] #define Y_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER 12 // Y offset: -front +behind [the nozzle] #define Z_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER 0 // Z offset: -below +above [the nozzle] // X and Y axis travel speed (mm/m) between probes #define XY_PROBE_SPEED 8000 // Speed for the first approach when double-probing (with PROBE_DOUBLE_TOUCH) #define Z_PROBE_SPEED_FAST HOMING_FEEDRATE_Z // Speed for the "accurate" probe of each point #define Z_PROBE_SPEED_SLOW (Z_PROBE_SPEED_FAST / 2) // Use double touch for probing //#define PROBE_DOUBLE_TOUCH /** * Z probes require clearance when deploying, stowing, and moving between * probe points to avoid hitting the bed and other hardware. * Servo-mounted probes require extra space for the arm to rotate. * Inductive probes need space to keep from triggering early. * * Use these settings to specify the distance (mm) to raise the probe (or * lower the bed). The values set here apply over and above any (negative) * probe Z Offset set with Z_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER, M851, or the LCD. * Only integer values >= 1 are valid here. * * Example: `M851 Z-5` with a CLEARANCE of 4 => 9mm from bed to nozzle. * But: `M851 Z+1` with a CLEARANCE of 2 => 2mm from bed to nozzle. */ #define Z_CLEARANCE_DEPLOY_PROBE 10 // Z Clearance for Deploy/Stow #define Z_CLEARANCE_BETWEEN_PROBES 5 // Z Clearance between probe points // For M851 give a range for adjusting the Z probe offset #define Z_PROBE_OFFSET_RANGE_MIN -20 #define Z_PROBE_OFFSET_RANGE_MAX 20 // Enable the M48 repeatability test to test probe accuracy //#define Z_MIN_PROBE_REPEATABILITY_TEST // For Inverting Stepper Enable Pins (Active Low) use 0, Non Inverting (Active High) use 1 // :{ 0:'Low', 1:'High' } #define X_ENABLE_ON 0 #define Y_ENABLE_ON 0 #define Z_ENABLE_ON 0 #define E_ENABLE_ON 0 // For all extruders // Disables axis stepper immediately when it's not being used. // WARNING: When motors turn off there is a chance of losing position accuracy! #define DISABLE_X false #define DISABLE_Y false #define DISABLE_Z false // Warn on display about possibly reduced accuracy //#define DISABLE_REDUCED_ACCURACY_WARNING // @section extruder #define DISABLE_E false // For all extruders #define DISABLE_INACTIVE_EXTRUDER true // Keep only the active extruder enabled. // @section machine // Invert the stepper direction. Change (or reverse the motor connector) if an axis goes the wrong way. #define INVERT_X_DIR false #define INVERT_Y_DIR false #define INVERT_Z_DIR false // Enable this option for Toshiba stepper drivers //#define CONFIG_STEPPERS_TOSHIBA // @section extruder // For direct drive extruder v9 set to true, for geared extruder set to false. #define INVERT_E0_DIR false #define INVERT_E1_DIR false #define INVERT_E2_DIR false #define INVERT_E3_DIR false #define INVERT_E4_DIR false // @section homing //#define Z_HOMING_HEIGHT 4 // (in mm) Minimal z height before homing (G28) for Z clearance above the bed, clamps, ... // Be sure you have this distance over your Z_MAX_POS in case. // Direction of endstops when homing; 1=MAX, -1=MIN // :[-1,1] #define X_HOME_DIR -1 #define Y_HOME_DIR -1 #define Z_HOME_DIR -1 // @section machine // Travel limits after homing (units are in mm) #define X_MIN_POS 0 #define Y_MIN_POS 0 #define Z_MIN_POS 0 #define X_MAX_POS 230 #define Y_MAX_POS 200 #define Z_MAX_POS 200 // If enabled, axes won't move below MIN_POS in response to movement commands. //#define MIN_SOFTWARE_ENDSTOPS // If enabled, axes won't move above MAX_POS in response to movement commands. //#define MAX_SOFTWARE_ENDSTOPS /** * Filament Runout Sensor * A mechanical or opto endstop is used to check for the presence of filament. * * RAMPS-based boards use SERVO3_PIN. * For other boards you may need to define FIL_RUNOUT_PIN. * By default the firmware assumes HIGH = has filament, LOW = ran out */ //#define FILAMENT_RUNOUT_SENSOR #if ENABLED(FILAMENT_RUNOUT_SENSOR) #define FIL_RUNOUT_INVERTING false // set to true to invert the logic of the sensor. #define ENDSTOPPULLUP_FIL_RUNOUT // Uncomment to use internal pullup for filament runout pins if the sensor is defined. #define FILAMENT_RUNOUT_SCRIPT "M600" #endif


这听起来类似于Prusa i3 Z 轴只会下降(即使是向上命令),我的 Prusa i3 的 z 轴只会上升。请检查这些问题的答案。


  • 安装/配置终点挡块,以及;
  • 归位 Z 轴。



另外,还有一些需要考虑的事情,如果您的步进器发出咕噜声,并试图移动但不能移动,那么您的步进驱动器可能没有提供足够的电流,或者可能太多。请参阅挤出机步进电机问题的回答,可能有什么问题? .是的,答案是挤出机,但所有步进驱动器都可能遭受相同的错误配置。

感谢绿网。是的,我已经安装了系统。当我尝试移动 Proterface 时,它​​甚至会在 z 轴上计算 mm,但它并没有实际移动。当我在软件中反转 z 轴方向时,小车确实向上移动,但不会向下移动;所以这似乎不是一个太小的当前问题。

如果马车朝一个方向移动但不是另一个方向,对我来说似乎是步进驱动器的问题。或者可能是电气接触问题,因为步进驱动器每个都有一个引脚(引脚 DIR)来控制步进器的方向。

您是否尝试过更改 RAMPS 1.4 上的驱动程序?我建议您暂时使用您知道功能的轴更换步进驱动器。

谢谢,阿克塞尔。当然已经尝试过交换驱动程序。我开始怀疑它可能很容易成为 RAMPS。

更新:原来是一个有问题的坡道。更换了卡并没有进行任何更改; z 轴现在运行正常。谢谢大家。